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How to do · 21. settembre 2018
Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem over time so that even those who own a garden often can not relax and enjoy their space both at home and outdoors due to the noise coming from outside.
Gardening · 28. novembre 2017
Taoism is a philosophy applicable to all aspects of life that finds its roots in times we do not know. It is from this doctrine that the Feng Shui is born, an oriental discipline that bases its existence on the importance and strength of nature. The term Feng Shui could be translated as Wind and Water, fundamental elements in the natural world that are related to each other and suggest a wider reading and interpretation of the environment around us.

Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
White streaked green leaves are the element that distinguishes Zebra Cactus, perfect for use as an ornamental plant, to be kept both in the garden and at home. Placed in a particular vessel, possibly along with other varieties of Haworthia, it helps give the environment flair.
Plants · 21. ottobre 2017
In Italian it can also write icca, but its original name is Yucca. It is a plant from countries with dry tropical climate such as Mexico, Arizona, the Caribbean, and California. It belongs to the Agavaceae family, or perennial plants normally with absent or short, grassy growth, though no arboreal or arboreal species are lacking.

25. gennaio 2017
The plants in a house allow to create small green oases and at the same time exploit the areas. For those looking for varieties that are adapted to live in the apartment, here are five plants undemanding and resistant: 1. The Ficus Benjamin is one of the ornamental plants for interiors most widespread. Originally from Southeast Asia, it belongs to the Moraceae family. It shows a tough stem, a rich oval foliage, pointed leaves, small fruits globular, said SICON, and can reach more than two...
21. gennaio 2017
Our home is the environment where we spend much of our days. Have around us the discreet company of plants and flowers, arranged in the right way, in addition to making our domestic spaces a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, the house also makes it healthier. In fact, decorate the rooms of the house with flowers and plants can become definitely a fun practice and a way to live better, especially if we care to do so eco friendly. With a little imagination and dexterity, and by using recycled...

15. ottobre 2016
This plant so special and exotic comes from the Hawaiian Islands. Here is disappearing for different reasons and, for that, at least in its original state, has become a very rare plant. However, it is not too difficult to find as indoor plant in pots and in small size. According to botanical experts this plant has only one type of pollinator, (the species of moths) that has been extinguished, and this would be the first major obstacle to the dissemination and replication. In addition there are...
01. agosto 2016
The theme of recycling, you know, is increasingly topical and worldwide importance, and for this it becomes really important to reuse disused objects to create new forms for the house, the garden and all that surrounds us. Being an artist can be an opportunity to have fun, save money and, above all, to have space in which to live the unique beauty without, in any way, having to entrust to expert hands and expensive ... Flicking between internet pages we found some small idea that was worth to...

24. luglio 2016
the moisture problem in your home, especially in the warmer periods and in urban centers, is always very timely. Making the environment more livable and healthy with natural elements would be an opportunity very economical to be considered given the presence of some plants are able to absorb moisture and pollution.