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Travels and flowers · 26. aprile 2020
When we think of Amsterdam and Holland, in addition to all the attractions that this country has to offer, we immediately imagine immense colored tulips and bicycles with which to travel every corner of the country. The spring season can be the best one to admire both the infinite tulip fields in the bulb region but also to enjoy Amsterdam full of colorful flowers, thus having the opportunity to organize a trip with a double meaning: the floral and the cultural one.
Gardening · 18. novembre 2018
Involving children in gardening can be an idea to keep them engaged in new activities and teach them love for life and growth. However, before starting this type of activity, it is good to choose plants and flowers with certain characteristics, in order to make the cultivation process as interesting as possible.

Flower markets · 03. novembre 2017
Typically, when we organize a trip to Paris, we begin to dream and compile a long list of attractions that this wonderful city has: the Eifel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe or the Seine, for example, and all that it attracts even less acclaimed and important.
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
Among the many eccentric plants that mother nature has given us, zigzag cactus can be a good idea even for those who do not have a green thumb too developed. As good cactus as it is, it does not cost much and is easy to grow.

Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
Decorating a room often requires the choice of a plant that is not too difficult to cure or grow, which is both beautiful to see. There are some really unique and vibrant colors in nature and on the market. Here are six succulent plants really unique:
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
White streaked green leaves are the element that distinguishes Zebra Cactus, perfect for use as an ornamental plant, to be kept both in the garden and at home. Placed in a particular vessel, possibly along with other varieties of Haworthia, it helps give the environment flair.

Plants · 21. ottobre 2017
In Italian it can also write icca, but its original name is Yucca. It is a plant from countries with dry tropical climate such as Mexico, Arizona, the Caribbean, and California. It belongs to the Agavaceae family, or perennial plants normally with absent or short, grassy growth, though no arboreal or arboreal species are lacking.
01. ottobre 2017
Coming from the warm and humid areas of America, Anthurium is an elegant and decorative apartment plan, which is why it is used both in homes and offices.

01. ottobre 2017
The generations before ours have taught us that coffee pots can be excellent natural fertilizers for garden and home plants and that, often what could be considered a waste, is actually an excellent product of reuse.
How to do · 26. settembre 2017
Originated in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia (mainly Japan and China), South America, Oceania and Africa, bamboo is a plant belonging to the Poaceae family.

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