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flowers · 10. gennaio 2018
It is also called "the rain lily" because, often, it blooms in the rainy period that follows one of long drought. Originally from Argentina, Zephyranthes is a bulbous that can even reach 30 cm. tall and that produces colorful flowers, depending on the species of belonging.
19. ottobre 2016
Typical of mountainous areas, this small flower pendulous (approx 20 cm) which has the form of many white bells or pinkish, has changed over time as different meanings and uses. In the language of flowers is found happiness or virginity while for its symbolism, it happens very often to see it inserted in double bouquet along with bigger flowers and perhaps to wrap the same beautifying the whole. Lily of the valley is also used as an ornamental plant (preferably in shady gardens or parks) or as...

18. agosto 2016
The Zantedeschia, better known as calla, is an incredibly elegant flower coming from the central areas of Africa introduced recently in the Mediterranean areas. The typical color of this flower is white although breeders are becoming more widespread new species of different colors like orange, purple and yellow. It often happens to see it in shaded or semi-shaded gardens, associated with small pools of water, because it has semi-aquatic features and requires special cultivation.
28. luglio 2016
We ask very often what is the best way to decorate our home, making the most of, not only the beauty of plants and nature but, if possible, even the beneficial properties that it can give us. The lily of peace is one of the flowers that in addition to symbolically represent the indoor plants among the most widespread, is also among the richest in terms of the beneficial properties. Think that a spathiphyllum plant is able to purify the air of an area of 10 m cubic about, creating a healthier...