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flowers · 15. gennaio 2018
Valentine's Day is almost upon us and love becomes a protagonist on the day it is celebrated and remembered. Nature does not only offer many beautiful flowers and plants to give away on this unique day (but also throughout the year), but hides, among them, lesser-known properties that we have neglected or simply ignored so far. For the occasion, we went to look for four very famous flowers or plants that have revealed, after due transformations, aphrodisiac powers:
05. luglio 2017
Tra le soluzioni più apprezzate per avere un piccolo giardino di rose in poco spazio ci sono le roselline, chiamate anche rose in miniatura o lillipuziane. Create nell'Ottocento dalla Rosa chinensis minima, si sono diffuse molto negli ultimi anni: infatti sono apprezzate per la facilità di coltivazione, la rifiorenza e la grande duttilità. Hanno dimensioni ridotte, steli sottili, foglie e corolle piccole. Richiedono inoltre poche cure, potature minime e normali annaffiature e concimazioni....

01. giugno 2017
Honeysuckle is a plant from Asia and the Northern Hemisphere that is part of the nutritious family of Caprifoliaceae. It is defined as honeysuckle because it has the characteristic to climb even in impersonal places, to such an extent as to suggest the image of goats falling along the hips of the hills.
Gardening · 07. maggio 2017
Among the most popular solutions for having a small rose garden in a small space are rosellines, also called miniature or liliputian roses. Created in the nineteenth century by the small rose chinensis, they have spread very much in recent years: in fact, they are appreciated for their ease of cultivation, rejuvenation and great ductility.

04. settembre 2016
The passion flower is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric flowers in nature which, among other things, it also has benefits in herbal medicine level. From whatever corner is photographed, will surprise
03. agosto 2016
The Areca palm (Dypsis Luscens) is a famous plant for its purifying properties. Its ability to release oxygen after absorbing the harmful gas particles are known and therefore appreciated all over the world ... Its thick vegetation it beautifies the look making it also ideal for use "indoor".

23. luglio 2016
This is one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers in the world but its care and its growth are very much related to the climatic factor, so that the heat and the sun can not miss if you want to have wonderful in your garden or terrace. But more than its cultivation, we want to talk about tradition that binds this beautiful flower to the lands in which "lives", because often the symbol and the meanings that can represent are much more attractive than traditional laws that nature requires...