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26. aprile 2017
Of tropical origin, symbol of sympathy and adapts both to the home and garden, begonia is a pleasing flower to the sight that helps to beautify and decorate the environment in which it is placed every season of the year.
05. novembre 2016
Ideal to decorate the garden, the hawthorn belongs to Rosaceae family because of its flowers that resemble small simple white roses. Its origins are not well defined since it is a species with vast types of specimens and define its exact origin, however, it is not simple.

04. novembre 2016
As the story goes, Dahlia, as well as a unique flower and a nice, was introduced in Europe in 1600 and since then, thanks mainly to the hands of breeders, was designed and reproduced in different colors and shapes, and more and more fascinating. As well as its beauty, although its meaning has changed and has been modified over time so that if initially this flower symbolized above all the dignity and gratitude, now has become the meaning of affection, not by the power of love or too binding. It...
28. agosto 2016
Since ancient times this is considered one of the most beautiful flowers, the most famous and popular in the world. For the Netherlands, the country which cultivates and exports millions of exemplary around the world, it has become the fourth largest source of economic gain. His story, however, begins in Turkey in the sixteenth century, in which the precious flower is for the first time introduced in Europe.

23. luglio 2016
This is one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers in the world but its care and its growth are very much related to the climatic factor, so that the heat and the sun can not miss if you want to have wonderful in your garden or terrace. But more than its cultivation, we want to talk about tradition that binds this beautiful flower to the lands in which "lives", because often the symbol and the meanings that can represent are much more attractive than traditional laws that nature requires...