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Plants · 07. giugno 2020
Among the shrub-like perennials, one cannot fail to mention the privet which is mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes and to create hedges. This plant is native to Australia, but also to central and southern Europe and the northern part of Africa. In Italy it grows spontaneously and it is easy to find it almost everywhere.
Plants · 05. gennaio 2019
The barberis can be found in nature in hundreds of species, all different from each other, scattered all over the world particularly in areas with a temperate climate. It usually does not exceed 150 cm in height while the stem branches very quickly and has numerous thorns. The leaves are oval and many species are deciduous. Their color is often tending towards red, from burgundy to cherry.

15. novembre 2016
Not all vegetables are created to be eaten. Sometimes it is possible to grow some fruit or some vegetables, which in nature are not particularly tasty for humans but of pleasing shape, the sole purpose of making decorative objects or simple utility. It's the case of ornamental pumpkins, easy to grow and suitable for every type of decoration ..
16. settembre 2016
The winter seems around the corner and, contrary to what may seem, Mother Nature has given us many more colors than we can imagine to continue to make our open spaces cheerful. One of these colorful plants is just the cabbage, which, with its typical and its nature as plant form, can withstand the cold in winter, showing off color really enviable! deep pink or white, grow ornamental cabbage in a nice planter, make your winter more colorful!