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Plants · 30. settembre 2018
The lemon tree has its roots in ancient China, the country par excellence as far as the cultivation of these wonderful fruit trees is concerned. The specimen belonging to the eucharistic domain has also enjoyed considerable success among the ancient Roman populations, which took as their object the realization of the wonderful frescoes on the most important monuments in Pompeii and Carthage.
01. ottobre 2017
Coming from the warm and humid areas of America, Anthurium is an elegant and decorative apartment plan, which is why it is used both in homes and offices.

01. ottobre 2017
The generations before ours have taught us that coffee pots can be excellent natural fertilizers for garden and home plants and that, often what could be considered a waste, is actually an excellent product of reuse.
10. settembre 2017
Among the apartment plants, the Pachira is one of the most popular and diffused, thanks to its broad beak and the ease of cultivation. It is therefore a very easy plant to find in nurseries at different times of its growth.

20. aprile 2017
Originally from South and South East Asia, aspidistra is an evergreen plant that grows in the undergrowth of rainforests. It has large leaves that start from the rough texture, reaching about 70 cm in length and whose color varies in different shades of green, and in some species there are lighter longitudinal streaks. The flowers are small and not flashy, grow at the base of the plant, rarely flower if kept in the house. It is commonly and historically used as an ornamental plant. A research...
14. gennaio 2017
The Crassula ovata, also called the Jade Tree, originated in South Africa but has spread across Europe as a robust and vigorous houseplant. It belongs to the genus of Crassulaceae, and there are about 300 varieties. It is characterized by small leaves, shiny as coins, and flowers like small stars that are born in the winter. They are decorated with light colors ranging from white to pale pink and cover like a blanket the entire surface of the plant. He loves the dry heat and the sun, if left in...

06. settembre 2016
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28. agosto 2016
Its name derives from the greek Philodendron, which means "who loves trees. This plant is indeed known for its" attitude "to climb around the trunk of the trees, or, as happens for growing apartment, around a support made on purpose to enable it to grow. It can also be grown in hanging baskets, dropping branches and leaves from the top as in growing ivy for example.

13. agosto 2016
There is a story behind every plant and there is a different, her its life cycle especially compared to the continent where the plant itself has grown. It's 'the case dell'Agave where has a past, a present and, definitely a future in the warm Mexican lands, where it is known as the Tequila plant and hand is still grown and processed in spite of the evolution of technology and working with machines.
29. luglio 2016
All we hear about it often during off commercials, in the form of natural beauty products. Actually this plant, that many grow at home, has unique properties in many ways: to begin with has anti-polluting ability that can be very useful for those who live in large urban centers and fits well in the domestic context.

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