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Plants psychology  · 26. marzo 2020
Contrary to how they lived there to think, plants do not just vegetate while remaining motionless in their position without doing anything, to, like us, they have developed senses that allow them to live, become or feed themselves even though they cannot go hunting or the expense of getting food, for example.
events and floral park · 12. marzo 2020
The seven finalists of the international competition "Spazi Creativi" have been selected to exhibit their gardens and installations in the historic park of Villa Erba on Lake Como, on the occasion of the twelfth edition of Orticolario from 2 to 4 October 2020

events and floral park · 07. marzo 2020
The event dedicated to rare flowers and plants curated by Carlo Contesso will be in Telarolo di Castellarano (RE) on 25 and 26 April 2020 Edition dedicated to sustainability and the environment for Borgo Plantarum 2020, scheduled for 25 and 26 April in the hills of Telarono di Castellarano, Reggio Emilia. The guiding thread of this fourth edition are in fact the solutions to reduce the negative impact on climate change and water waste
Plants psychology  · 05. marzo 2020
We are in 1981 and kundu, a variety of antelope bred in South Africa, becomes "famous" all over the world for being one of the first animals to practice mass suicide. Nei parchi nazionali del Sudafrica, vennero trovati morti e a stomaco vuoto molti esemplari di questo animale ai piedi delle acacie dove abitualmente avevano l'abitudine di nutrirsi cibandosi delle foglie di questo albero.

events and floral park · 05. marzo 2020
International city open to creativity, hospitality and savoir vivre, Merano is preparing to celebrate spring and to defeat in its unmistakable style the unrest of recent months. With the optimism of a city that has been a place of care renowned for its healthy and restorative climate since the days of Empress Sissi, the Merano Tourist Office has prepared the launch of the now famous Spring down to the smallest detail
events and floral park · 29. febbraio 2020
At "Nel segno del giglio" 2020 (27th edition, Parco della Reggia di Colorno, 24,25,26 April), green thumbs will find wonderful flowers and plants to admire (and buy) but also ideas to make a little less " ordinary ”their beloved garden.

events and floral park · 25. febbraio 2020
Cartosio, a small town in the Alto Monferrato that loves the countryside and its fruits, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring in the square for the sixth time with a popular and local event and, at the same time, cultured and national to celebrate the art of recognizing, cultivating, pruning, grafting old fruit varieties and cultivating vegetable gardens and gardens.
events and floral park · 07. febbraio 2020
Yougardener Flowers Show reaches its third edition with some confirmations and several novelties. The suggestive park of over 8 hectares of Villa Craven di Seyssel d'Aix in Varese will always be the backdrop for the market exhibition of plants and flowers, the eighteenth-century residence designed by the architect Giuseppe Bianchi in the heart of the Garden City, exceptionally open to the public .

events and floral park · 29. gennaio 2020
The appointment on the walls of Lucca returns with the arrival of April with gardening and proposals for outdoor life. The VerdeMura market exhibition confirms its format for the thirteenth time winning: a fresh relaxed atmosphere that enhances the sweetness of spring, all the national novelties of plants and furnishings in the approximately 200 exhibition stands, some cultural moments with book and conference news, a green walk in one of the most unique public parks in Italy
flowers · 06. dicembre 2019
What is the aconithum? Aconithum is a plant that, growing spontaneously in mountain forests, in various locations in Europe and, precisely in the areas most exposed to the cold north winds, is part of the Ranuncolaceae family. This type of vegetation is also present in Italy and is considered one of the most toxic among the many scattered in the mountainous areas of the Alps.

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