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Jacobaea leucophylla: the flower with decongestant properties
flowers · 04. settembre 2021
When we talk about Jacobaea Leucophylla we usually refer to a variety belonging to the dicotyledonous spermatophytes, of the Asteraceae family. The appearance is quite common, since they are ebaceae characterized by a yellow flower similar to the daisy that blooms annually and grows spontaneously without the need for special precautions.
Color the terrace or garden with pale tradescantia
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
If you have just purchased a plant that can withstand whatever adversity it is subjected to, then it is probably a plant belonging to the Tradescantia genus, which includes as many as seventy-five types of plants.

Arum italicum (light cigaro): the plant that drives away evil spirits
Plants · 04. settembre 2021
n botany it is known by the name Arum Italicum, although this plant is commonly called wild calla or gigaro. We are talking about a poisonous herbaceous plant that is not rarely used as an ornament both in the garden and in pots. Let's see together everything there is to know about this particular plant.
All you need to know about Tulbaghia violacea
flowers · 04. settembre 2021
Native to South Africa, Tulbaghia violacea is a rustic plant with a bushy habit. The plant belongs to the Alliaceae family and is very similar to chives and garlic. Its leaves are narrow and long, its flowers are purple and small in size. Both the stems and the leaves are also used in cooking and its particularly strong aroma can be used as a substitute for garlic.

Verde Grazzano 2021: info and program on the Piacenza market exhibition
events and floral park · 23. luglio 2021
Verde Grazzano is more than an important and original exhibition - a quality gardening market. It is the gateway to a club or to a community of true and competent enthusiasts who, year after year, meet in the sumptuous Castle Park of Grazzano Visconti. Like every year, also from 24 to 26 September, they will come from Italy and also from Germany and Slovenia and even from further afield, to find themselves in this world suspended in history, truly unique.
Secret Gardens: New York's High Line Garden
Travels and flowers · 15. maggio 2021
New York's high line gardens arise from a section of about 1.45 miles of abandoned elevated railroad and, above all, from the project by Piet Oudolf, who claims that "" My greatest inspiration is nature. I don't want to copy it, but to recreate the emotion. "

Flowers and plants of the Atacama desert
Travels and flowers · 01. maggio 2021
Il deserto di Atacama è uno dei fenomeni naturali più strani e belli che si verificano nell'estremo nord del Chile. Questa è una gigantesca The Atacama Desert is one of the strangest and most beautiful natural phenomena occurring in the far north of Chile. This is a gigantic desert area that is characterized by its aridity, but in a few years, this barren desert landscape has changed abruptly becoming partly overflowing with bright and fresh colors, thanks to the germination of millions of plant
Torenia fournieri: the colorful flowers with long flowering
flowers · 02. gennaio 2021
Setting up your garden or terrace with ornamental plants and unique features is certainly a good option to make settings attractive and finely decorated. In this regard, it is worth mentioning Torenia Fournieri which, due to its flower color and versatility, is suitable for different types of cultivation.

Nemophila: blue eyes
flowers · 02. gennaio 2021
Among the particularly resistant annual plants that reach medium heights and therefore also ideal for growing in pots, there is certainly Nemophila. It is also important to underline that this specimen belonging to the Boraginaceae family, in the growth phase, is of great use to set up rock gardens or to delimit their borders. Particular characteristics of its flowers and minimal maintenance make Nemophila one of the most appreciated plants
Plants · 04. ottobre 2020
Of Australian origin, rich in foliage, full of delicate flowers, dianella is one of the most loved plants by creators and garden lovers around the world. Easy to grow, long lasting, it is a plant that gives a fantastic effect when placed in a garden. Let's see together what are its peculiarities.

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