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Plants · 02. agosto 2020
There are many species of Lagerstroemia, about eighty, including some more robust and tall that reach 25 meters in height and those of reduced size of only 50-90 cm. Indica is one of the most widespread Lagestroemia species and is characterized by flowers that can be of different colors and is a resistant and easy to maintain type of plant.
How to do · 07. giugno 2020
If you are thinking of planting and growing an aromatic plant, then the Moroccan mint must not be missing. Its leaves, if rubbed, are extremely fragrant and their aroma is strong, fresh and pleasant. So it is a real must have of the gardenggio.

Travels and flowers · 07. giugno 2020
An ancient local proverb states: "God created the whole world, but not Holland." This country was created directly by the Dutch. And this is what a tourist who visits this state notes: a vast "low land" that has been shaped by the temperament of the inhabitants of this state, which is known worldwide for its flowers, especially the tulip, the best known flower among those that are grown in Holland
flowers · 07. giugno 2020
If you love Malvaceae, you will almost certainly know the Abutilon and its articulated blooms: its name has Arabic origins and means, precisely, "Indian Malva". Despite this, its origins are to be found elsewhere and precisely in South America, the place from which this evergreen shrub spread all over the world.

Plants · 07. giugno 2020
Among the shrub-like perennials, one cannot fail to mention the privet which is mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes and to create hedges. This plant is native to Australia, but also to central and southern Europe and the northern part of Africa. In Italy it grows spontaneously and it is easy to find it almost everywhere.
flowers · 07. giugno 2020
One of the most beautiful perennial plants is definitely Brunfelsia, originating in western India and tropical America, spread spontaneously mainly in Brazil. This plant is also known in other parts of the world and is particular as they have called it in the Anglo-Saxon countries, or "Yesterday, today, tommorow" because of its abundant flowering.

events and floral park · 30. maggio 2020
The twelfth edition of Orticolario was officially inaugurated with the return to nVilla Carlotta of the sculpture prize "Foglia d'oro del lago di Como". In compliance with all government provisions, the event took place in private form
Plants psychology  · 26. marzo 2020
Contrary to how they lived there to think, plants do not just vegetate while remaining motionless in their position without doing anything, to, like us, they have developed senses that allow them to live, become or feed themselves even though they cannot go hunting or the expense of getting food, for example.

events and floral park · 12. marzo 2020
The seven finalists of the international competition "Spazi Creativi" have been selected to exhibit their gardens and installations in the historic park of Villa Erba on Lake Como, on the occasion of the twelfth edition of Orticolario from 2 to 4 October 2020
events and floral park · 07. marzo 2020
The event dedicated to rare flowers and plants curated by Carlo Contesso will be in Telarolo di Castellarano (RE) on 25 and 26 April 2020 Edition dedicated to sustainability and the environment for Borgo Plantarum 2020, scheduled for 25 and 26 April in the hills of Telarono di Castellarano, Reggio Emilia. The guiding thread of this fourth edition are in fact the solutions to reduce the negative impact on climate change and water waste

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