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flowers · 07. giugno 2020
Although not very well known, Sulla is actually a spontaneous plant very precious for its beneficial properties and because it is an excellent fodder for animals. Sulla is a leguminous plant belonging to the Hedysareae family. This herbaceous plant was domesticated only a few years ago, in fact it is cultivated for many purposes.
flowers · 30. dicembre 2017
California poppy is a herbaceous plant that gives yellow flowers similar in shape to poppies. It is very common in North America and is used both for decorating gardens and for medicinal purposes.

11. maggio 2017
From its very ancient origin, Fritillaria imperialis (Genus Liliaceae) was one of the first man-grown plants. Its history begins in Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where it still grows spontaneously today. Around the 16th century it spread to Europe: the first bulbs were planted in Leida. In 1600 Fritillaria imperialis became known to be depicted in many oil paintings.
08. maggio 2017
Before trying to grow zucchini you need to decide where you want the transplant. Zucchini, in fact, can also be grown in pots, for example on the terrace, a trend that goes very fashion recently, being able to extract vegetables on balconies and in urban contexts where the available green is lacking. The choice of the container is of prime importance, as courgettes can occupy an area of 1 m x 1 m, under cultivation conditions in the field.

08. maggio 2017
Peppers are practically spread all over the world, even if they fit best in contexts where the climate is warm enough. In Italy, for example, despite being produced in every region, the best places to get generous and higher-quality productions are those of the south. Cultivating peppers is not a complex practice. However, some important recommendations should be made to avoid exposing the juicy seedlings to excessive cold or even to avoid getting seedlings at all. In fact, the temperature requi
07. maggio 2017
Cultivating spinach is fairly simple. It is one of the easiest vegetables to produce for domestic consumption. They have a fairly rapid cycle and germination is fast. They can also be grown under cool conditions, and even some varieties are very resistant to stormy winters. Spinach can be sown in the field or in the pot. Potted cultivation has no problems. Nevertheless, one must consider that for a large amount of spinach it is necessary to opt for cultivation in the garden on a discreetly large