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Travels and flowers · 05. luglio 2020
Free and wild beach in Marina di Vecchiano and sunbathing on the limited number beach in San Rossore. On foot or by bicycle in the pine forests, floral species and rare animals.
Travels and flowers · 02. maggio 2020
Is there really a cycle path that contains 4 unique elements such as the plain, the flowers, the sea and some monuments? If you are looking for something like this and maybe with family or friends you cannot agree on what type of route to choose, perhaps the bollenstreek, also known as the region of the bulbs, could be right for you.

28. settembre 2017
One of the few examples of Anglo-Mediterranean park preservatosi over time, to Villa della Pergola, from the second half of the nineteenth century at the behest of the General McMurdo and Lady Napier wife who wanted to create a winter and spring residence on the Riviera.
23. aprile 2017
Spring arrives and with flowers blossom also the desire to return to the sea. The warm evenings let relax after long days of sand, sun and much fun among our favorite places that, like every weekend, welcome us until the end of summer often spent on these sunny beaches. Romagna, a scented land rich in good food, entertainment and hospitable people, also this year wanted to welcome the arrival of the beautiful season with a "green" and colorful surprise: the 45th edition of Cervia Città...