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events and floral park · 25. febbraio 2020
Cartosio, a small town in the Alto Monferrato that loves the countryside and its fruits, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of spring in the square for the sixth time with a popular and local event and, at the same time, cultured and national to celebrate the art of recognizing, cultivating, pruning, grafting old fruit varieties and cultivating vegetable gardens and gardens.
events and floral park · 10. ottobre 2017
On March 22nd, 2018, Keukenhof park reopened to the public, which, after the extraordinary success of last year, can celebrate its sixty-seven edition! No wonder that in 2017 more than a million visitors from all over the world came to Holland to admire one of the most amazing floral shows on the planet, confirming once again how much the park is important for local and Dutch tourism.

31. marzo 2017
Main features Candid as snow and the sweet perfume, the flowers of Magnolia announce the arrival of spring. At the end of March, gladden gardens and lawns with a bloom that can last until the arrival of the winter season. The Magnolia is a plant native of Southeast Asia and North America, where they have been well cataloged 80 species. It loves the wetlands, almost swampy, and grows well at sea, albeit with a less rich foliage. It is a tree that can reach 25 meters in height and, in a careful...
22. gennaio 2017
Also this year takes place in Algund a beautiful event dedicated to garden lovers. It is its fourth edition of the "Flowers and Plants Market in Lagundo", an event that will be held in the church square from Friday April 21th to Monday, 25th April 2017. Tourist Board Algund, after the great success in the three previous editions of the market, has decided to revive this great celebration for lovers of nature and gardening, which will surely attract an increasing numbers of tourists, curious and...

29. agosto 2016
There is a place, not far from here, in which the spring and the blooms arrive at least one month in advance of the rest of Europe. The flowers and street furniture are handled according to the colors and the many blooms that nature gives almost all year. In a weekend of February, we chose to pay a visit to this warm place, and only 2 hours flying time from us to enjoy the spring and the colors of flowers as early as February!
14. agosto 2016
The oxalis versicolor ground cover plants are ideal for "cover" corners or areas of the garden. Alternatively you can also fill the pots and color your terraces although better fit for cultivation in the ground. This particular species (there are other oxalis), comes from South Africa and therefore requires temperate climates.

08. agosto 2016
Its botanical name is derived from the greek and means literally white flower (leukos = flower; anthemum = white). The leukanthemum vulgare, as we all known as Daisy is not only simple in name but also in its spread, growth and positioning. Who among us, in fact, does not remember the meadows with the burst of spring, he has not tried to capture some specimens to give it or take it home, or just for fun has ripped some flower?
Travels and flowers · 27. luglio 2016
It's a large gray sky to greet us upon our arrival and the strong westerly wind blows away the first signs of spring in recent days. The colored fields of tulips we expected to find are, however, 24 hours of waiting, the time that a warm sun will face off in the clouds and begin to illuminate the Keukenhof garden.

22. aprile 2016
Sometimes you stay amazed in front of colorful fields painted by colors and attractive shapes and, without being asked too many questions, we admire the scenery and leave again satisfied ... But what colors the world and gives the look incredible views without asking in return too much fame? We tried a few fields of colorful flowers to satiate spring desire now that the season is at its beginning ...