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Gardening · 23. giugno 2019
June 20, 2019 I know that you are seeing the flowering fields of sunflowers but, those that are planting in "normal" gardens, are not fertilized and produced for mass trade but come from small bags sold in some nursery or, even worse, in some store or generic market.
flowers and cinema · 20. gennaio 2019
When we talk about a successful film, we usually weave the praises of the performers who made the representation unique or the way in which the plot and mastery of the director was developed. Many times, screenplays, costumes or soundtracks are used to contribute to the fame and success of a film. Although we often do not realize it, there are films that owe much of their success to unusual elements, like flowers ...
Gardening · 22. settembre 2016
Not all have large gardens and, for this, It's better have some ideas to create flowering corners exploiting the vertical space rather than horizontal ones which we have not always free.So we've tried some flowers and plants that could be adapted for the purpose.It's obvious that to create a beautiful corner flower vertically would be good to put in front of the lowest flowers and behind and to the sides ones of greater height, as is done in the group photo.
Gardening · 10. agosto 2016
I do not remember exactly where I was when I saw them for the first time but, I am sure, it was love at first sight! I remember endless highway and endless fields painted yellow with the looks turned towards the cars running. Thousands of glances. Everyone turned to look at the same side as if it would assist to a wonderful show. The sunflower is like that: it grows towards the 'top almost touching the sky and blossoms only to observe the sun! I had to cultivate that flower and let it get to...
22. aprile 2016
Sometimes you stay amazed in front of colorful fields painted by colors and attractive shapes and, without being asked too many questions, we admire the scenery and leave again satisfied ... But what colors the world and gives the look incredible views without asking in return too much fame? We tried a few fields of colorful flowers to satiate spring desire now that the season is at its beginning ...