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Travels and flowers · 26. aprile 2020
When we think of Amsterdam and Holland, in addition to all the attractions that this country has to offer, we immediately imagine immense colored tulips and bicycles with which to travel every corner of the country. The spring season can be the best one to admire both the infinite tulip fields in the bulb region but also to enjoy Amsterdam full of colorful flowers, thus having the opportunity to organize a trip with a double meaning: the floral and the cultural one.
events and floral park · 07. febbraio 2020
Following his achievements in the past years, reopens on March 21, the Keukenhof park, Lisse in the colorful garden, where every year thousands of tourists and flower lovers take the opportunity to admire and be inspired by the skilful Dutch gardeners projects here they come to show their skills by proposing various styles and garden creations and countless varieties of spring bulb flowers.

flowers · 14. aprile 2019
Dopo 4 anni dalla fondazione del sito, ci è sembrato bello non limitarci solamente a scattare qualche foto col cellulare o, se non disponibili, a cercare immagini condivisibili sul web da poter allegare ad articoli vari. E' iniziato così un periodo in cui proveremo a proporre su questa pagina le nostre immagini più belle,
events and floral park · 23. dicembre 2018
The 72nd edition of Bloemencorso, the Bollenstreek between Haarlem and Leiden, will take place from Friday evening, April 12th to Saturday, April 13th, bringing about a million visitors from around the world to the bulb region in the week of the floral parade.

events and floral park · 25. novembre 2018
On 21 March 2019, Keukenhof will be opening its gates for the 70th time. When it closes eight weeks later, some 1 million visitors from across the world will have visited the international flower exhibition. As such, Keukenhof makes a contribution to tourism in the Netherlands. One hundred bulb growers will supply bulbs to the park and 500 growers participate in the flower shows.
events and floral park · 08. ottobre 2018
Thinking of Holland, one of the first things that comes to mind, together with windmills and Flemish painting, is certainly the tulip, a symbol of the country. Amsterdam, like every year, organizes the National Tulip Day for lovers of this beautiful flower.

events and floral park · 23. gennaio 2018
Amsterdam and the Netherlands are lit up with colors from March 31st to April 30th 2018 when, around the city, it will be time for the Tulp Festival, a characteristic event that will literally bloom in about 80 different zones, flowerbeds full of colorful tulips. The aim of the Tulp festival is to bring back the symbolic flower of the country through the streets of Amsterdam since, especially in recent years, this seems to have disappeared. For this reason, more than half a million bulbs have
10. gennaio 2018
In Dutch it is called tulpen tag and, for national growers but also and especially for lovers around the world of this beautiful flower, the day when the official opening of the tulip season is celebrated. From here, in Dam Square in Amsterdam, a season ranging from January to the end of April when the last tulips are usually harvested (according to the season's performance, it may also be in early May).

events and floral park · 10. ottobre 2017
On March 22nd, 2018, Keukenhof park reopened to the public, which, after the extraordinary success of last year, can celebrate its sixty-seven edition! No wonder that in 2017 more than a million visitors from all over the world came to Holland to admire one of the most amazing floral shows on the planet, confirming once again how much the park is important for local and Dutch tourism.
19. agosto 2017
The Floriade edition of 2017 will last exactly 30 days, beginning on September 16 and scheduled for October 15. The intense and varied program provides daily activities and events that will take place over the weeks. Il programma, intenso e variegato, prevede attività quotidiane ed eventi che si susseguiranno nel corso delle settimane.

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