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01. aprile 2017
Features When the summer flowers are now a distant memory and the winter only a promise, arise small and colorful flowers of heather. Robust and not very big, it originated in South Africa and then spread throughout the Mediterranean. There are over 500 different species of the world heather. The Heather Scoparia, for example, is less productive varieties of flowers and its branches were used in ancient times, to produce brooms. The Heather Arborea is characterized by small, very dark leaves...
18. marzo 2017
The Zinnia is an ornamental plant native in South America and belongs to the genus of the Asteraceae widely held today in areas with warm climates. This is a very resistant plant, present in nature in different species both annual and perennial with a height variable from 50 to 100 cm depending on the variety. The Zinnia prefers exposure to the sun, a mild climate and soft and dry soils: it is a plant that can stand the heat, nor any of drought. In nature there are many species of zinnia:...

28. agosto 2016
Its name derives from the greek Philodendron, which means "who loves trees. This plant is indeed known for its" attitude "to climb around the trunk of the trees, or, as happens for growing apartment, around a support made on purpose to enable it to grow. It can also be grown in hanging baskets, dropping branches and leaves from the top as in growing ivy for example.
31. luglio 2016
Sometimes nature makes strange tricks but occasionally also offering amazing gifts and colorful that even the imagination of man would be able to create. The Strelitzia is an example of how colors and shapes can come together, generating an incredible flower unique and rare.It 'a flower so precious that in some African tribes is used to decorate the hut of the the tribal chief or that of the village witch doctor.

29. luglio 2016
All we hear about it often during off commercials, in the form of natural beauty products. Actually this plant, that many grow at home, has unique properties in many ways: to begin with has anti-polluting ability that can be very useful for those who live in large urban centers and fits well in the domestic context.
25. luglio 2016
Although there are almost 100 different species of this colorful plant had the first news in 1600 when it was made an initial description in Santo Domingo and gave the name of Fuchsia (even after the color) in honor of the German botanist Leonhard Fuchs. The British and the Americans fell in love so much that in time breeders began to create different colors and varieties even more incredible, both for crops in pots as shrubs in flower beds.

23. luglio 2016
They fill our plains and our hills in spring and many think are just weeds herbaceous plants that dwell in the streets and small green spaces still unused by man. In truth, the poppy is a flower from the greater use and spread in different species suitable for growing in the garden.