Posidonia oceanica: the lungs of the sea
environment · 09. gennaio 2022
The sea, like the air, needs its plants and oxygen. Posidonia oceanica is one of the most important plants ever for the conservation of the sea and coasts. It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean that contributes to the oxygenation of the sea, to the prevention of coastal erosion and to the nourishment of various marine species.
Found 1000 rare plants stolen in Chile worth over 1 million euros
environment · 28. aprile 2021
More than 1000 rare cacti seized from an Italian trafficker returned to Chile. The plants, which will be reintroduced into the wild in the Atacama Desert where they were uprooted, would have yielded 1000-rare-plants-stolen-in-chile-with-a-value-of-1-million-euro-found on the clandestine market over one million euro.

environment · 15. giugno 2019
33.4 kg of CO2 emitted to produce a pair of jeans, children working up to 12 hours a day and adults earning less than $ 200 a month: the interactive installation “THE FASHION EXPERIENCE - the truth about what you wear ".