flowers · 07. agosto 2018
From late spring and throughout the summer, gardens and terraces explode in a blaze of flowers and colors; among them, a place of honor goes to the periwinkle of Madagascar, with its abundant flowering form gradevolissimi flowering shrubs and suggestive spots of color on windowsills and balconies. The Madagascar periwinkle, whose scientific name is Catharanthus roseus belongs to the family Apocynaceae and, as the name suggests, is a native of Madascar where it grows wild.
flowers · 24. giugno 2018
The Silver Dollar also known as the Pope's Coin, is a type of plant belonging to the Crucifers. A sort of tall grass with a classic, rather flat, roundish leaf that turns silver when it is dry. Probably this feature gave rise to the ancient custom of calling it the Pope's Coin.
flowers · 27. maggio 2018
Italian cuisine is the most distinguished representative of the Mediterranean diet, inspiration of many culinary guidelines around the world, whose philosophy is simplicity and genuineness. Although flowing from north to south, some differences are evident, especially in the southern cuisine that would have much to do between nutritionists and health-conscious, it can be said that, however, eating Italian is healthy and nutritious
flowers · 17. marzo 2018
Originating from Asia, the plants of the genus Astilbe are perennials characterized by a bushy growth that can reach over one meter in height, similarly recalling ferns. Their spread is given by the inflorescences that are generated during the warm period up to the first cold: they resemble rather plumed plumes that are tinged with different shades depending on the species. The main colors are white, pink, lilac or red, however plants with increasingly intense and different colors are placed on
flowers · 17. marzo 2018
Also known as "do not touch me" due to the fragility of its flowers, the Impatiens Walleriana is a very common plant especially in balconies that do not enjoy excellent lighting. Native to Africa, this kind of plant occurs under 500 different species almost all year-round. The Impatiens Walleriana specifically, also known as Impatiens Holstii, is a perennial species characterized by elongated leaves whose shade can vary from green to bronze.
flowers · 15. gennaio 2018
Valentine's Day is almost upon us and love becomes a protagonist on the day it is celebrated and remembered. Nature does not only offer many beautiful flowers and plants to give away on this unique day (but also throughout the year), but hides, among them, lesser-known properties that we have neglected or simply ignored so far. For the occasion, we went to look for four very famous flowers or plants that have revealed, after due transformations, aphrodisiac powers:
flowers · 10. gennaio 2018
It is also called "the rain lily" because, often, it blooms in the rainy period that follows one of long drought. Originally from Argentina, Zephyranthes is a bulbous that can even reach 30 cm. tall and that produces colorful flowers, depending on the species of belonging.
flowers · 30. dicembre 2017
With its particular appearance and unusual hues, Meconopsis betonicifolia, better known as the Blue Poppy, is a plant native to the mountainous regions of Asia, Alaska and Scotland, characterized by the unmistakable blue or blue petals reminiscent of common red poppy. This less common plant reaches, on average, the height of 1-1.2 m with a single stem from which the leaves develop in the basal part and the flowers in the apical one. The foliage is contained and grows along the stem, the fabrics
flowers · 30. dicembre 2017
California poppy is a herbaceous plant that gives yellow flowers similar in shape to poppies. It is very common in North America and is used both for decorating gardens and for medicinal purposes.