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La pandorea appartiene alla famiglia delle Bignoniaceae, è una pianta rampicante che in primavera regala bellissimi fiori profumati, ideale da far arrampicare sui pergolati.
flowers · 08. ottobre 2018
The Bignonia is a climbing evergreen plant, belonging to the Bignoniaceae family. Originally it was known as Teocoma, then take the name of the famous academic and librarian Paul Brignon. Its posture makes it very used to decorate pergolas, gazebos, garden walls; the plant shows an aerial part made up of long branches that have small suckers suitable to adhere to the most different supports.
flowers · 27. settembre 2018
It was the early nineteenth century when the doctor Clarke Abel, during one of his trips to China, devoted himself to the study of the flora of the place. Among the varieties of flowers and plants classified discovered the Abelia Chinensis, or more commonly Abelia. It is correct to specify that Abelia is the generic name of a wider list of species all belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family.
flowers · 27. settembre 2018
The philadelphus is a rustic and resistant shrub, characterized by the pleasant scent of its flowers. It is a genus of plant belonging to the Hydrangeaceae family which boasts more than 75 species. This shrub is characterized by a falling shape and the stem can reach heights up to 5 meters.
flowers · 27. settembre 2018
Its scientific name is Osmanthus fragrans, in the Bel Paese it is better known with the Italian name of Osmanto Odoroso, also known as Giant Osmanthus. The shrub belongs to the Oleaceae family, which in turn belongs to the order of the Lamiales; its origins are to be found in China and Japan, where it grows spontaneously.
flowers · 27. settembre 2018
The Lilac, whose botanical name is Syringa vulgaris, is a deciduous shrub. This plant is native to northern Asia, the Far East and Persia. Much appreciated for its fragrance and rich flowering, the Lilac plant is widely used to decorate small and large gardens. It is in fact a shrub capable of reaching a height of 5 meters, but it is not rare to see it cultivated also as a hedge.
flowers · 22. settembre 2018
Echinops Ritro, known as globe thistle, is a perennial plant, which is characterized by the spherical shape of its inflorescences, which recall the typical appearance of a hedgehog. The name of this extraordinary plant comes from the Greek language Echinos, which means precisely porcupine, due to its roundish features and its thin inflorescences, like thorns.
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Perennial plants with fleshy roots in the shape of sea stars, eremurus can reach remarkable heights by coloring the vertical garden in various shades.
flowers · 21. settembre 2018
When the good season arrives, but also at other times of the year, the flowering of the gardens and the balconies not only brings so many bright colors but, often, new scents that awaken our senses. Why not choose flowers also based on the fragrance as well as the shape and color? Here then is a list of fragrant flowers, known all over the world for their fragrance as well as for their beauty.
flowers · 07. agosto 2018
From late spring and throughout the summer, gardens and terraces explode in a blaze of flowers and colors; among them, a place of honor goes to the periwinkle of Madagascar, with its abundant flowering form gradevolissimi flowering shrubs and suggestive spots of color on windowsills and balconies. The Madagascar periwinkle, whose scientific name is Catharanthus roseus belongs to the family Apocynaceae and, as the name suggests, is a native of Madascar where it grows wild.

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