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How to choose the right tree for your garden
How to do · 18. settembre 2021
Choosing a tree for your garden often turns out to be a difficult important decision because a tree, you know, is not only a fundamental element from an aesthetic point of view, but almost always becomes something very long-lasting over time that could last longer than life. same as the house and the people who live there.
How to do · 07. giugno 2020
If you are thinking of planting and growing an aromatic plant, then the Moroccan mint must not be missing. Its leaves, if rubbed, are extremely fragrant and their aroma is strong, fresh and pleasant. So it is a real must have of the gardenggio.

How to do · 30. marzo 2020
Se in tutto il mondo l'importanza delle api sta assumendo un ruolo fondamentale, soprattutto alla luce del pericolo della loro estinzione, è anche vero che queste, oltre ad essere fondamentali per la produzione del miele e per l'impollinazione, sono anche importantissime per la "difesa" dei nostri giardini.
How to do · 18. ottobre 2018
Winter is coming: if you are passionate about the Iron Throne, as well as gardening, you will surely have picked up the quote. But readers of George R. R. Martini or not, surely, you will know that the cold season is almost upon us. For this reason you have to prepare your garden and protect it, along with furniture, tools and furnishings, in view of the cold season.

How to do · 21. settembre 2018
Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem over time so that even those who own a garden often can not relax and enjoy their space both at home and outdoors due to the noise coming from outside.
How to do · 07. agosto 2018
Using milk in your garden and in your garden will probably prove a surprise to many. The amino acids, proteins, enzymes and natural sugars that make milk a food for humans and animals are the same ingredients used to cultivate healthy communities of microbes, fungi and beneficial bacteria in compost and garden soil. Raw milk is the best, since it has not been exposed to heat which alters the components of milk that provide a perfect food

How to do · 06. ottobre 2017
It happens often, especially in spring, to wake up, listening from the nearby trees or from the under-roofs, the chirping of so many birds that populate our territory. Those who have a garden know how useful the berries and small insects for the life of birds like sparrows, sparrows, hummingbirds, who each day pass and eat in abundance nurturing the little things in nature. But would not it be nice to have them as guests without force keeping them imprisoned in some cage? Here are some tips to a
How to do · 26. settembre 2017
Originated in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia (mainly Japan and China), South America, Oceania and Africa, bamboo is a plant belonging to the Poaceae family.

How to do · 26. settembre 2017
The olive tree is undoubtedly one of the most famous and appreciated fruit trees in the world. It is in fact a plant that produces olives, destined in part for the production of oil and partly for direct nutritproduzione dell'olio e in parte per il nutrimento diretto. L'olivo è dunque una pianta sicuramente indispensabile per l'alimentazione dell'uomo. Esso fa parte della famiglia delle Oleaceae ed è una pianta sempreverde, ovvero la sua attività è continua nel corso di tutto l'anno fatta eccez
How to do · 10. giugno 2017
Dedicate a corner of your garden color and particular perfume can be a unique idea to make it even more charming and attractive advantage, at the same time, to attract colorful butterflies in a dance of colors that only summer can give. The inviting aromas, nectars and splashes of color are a "natural magnet" for these fascinating insects belonging to the category of moths.lepidotteri.

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