Plants · 28. novembre 2017
Millennial Oriental culture has always been a great charm in all of us, from history to art, from writing to figurative arts. Even in the field of plants and flowers, those who do not know the fascinating bonsai art or the beautiful images of cherry blossoms in Japan, so that there is even a term ("hanami") to indicate the admiration of flowers. We all know the art of bonsai, the ability to grow in a small vase, real works of miniature nature, skillfully molded into branches and trunks by the pr
Plants · 24. novembre 2017
There are plants that more than others fit into a delicate environment as the bedroom may, because they help to reconcile sleep and allow them to recover all the energy through a healthy night's sleep. Below you can find a list of the five plants that would be kept in the bedrooms of adults and children, with some advice to make them grow to the best.
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
The plants represent a wonderful and multifaceted universe that, thanks to their beauty and their properties, give the house an elegant and well looked after appearance. Receiving or donating a plant is a reward that expresses the purity of a feeling. When talking about specimens to grow and grow inside the apartments comes naturally move towards some types, the beucarnea recurvata, in particular, is very popular.
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
Among the many eccentric plants that mother nature has given us, zigzag cactus can be a good idea even for those who do not have a green thumb too developed. As good cactus as it is, it does not cost much and is easy to grow.
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
Looking at its appearance, you will immediately know what are the best uses for this delicious succulent: the Kleinia Rowleyana is very much used in growing in hanging baskets or perhaps at the edges of a window, leaving its verdant beads falling outside the jar creating so a striking effect.
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
Decorating a room often requires the choice of a plant that is not too difficult to cure or grow, which is both beautiful to see. There are some really unique and vibrant colors in nature and on the market. Here are six succulent plants really unique:
Plants · 25. ottobre 2017
White streaked green leaves are the element that distinguishes Zebra Cactus, perfect for use as an ornamental plant, to be kept both in the garden and at home. Placed in a particular vessel, possibly along with other varieties of Haworthia, it helps give the environment flair.
Plants · 21. ottobre 2017
In Italian it can also write icca, but its original name is Yucca. It is a plant from countries with dry tropical climate such as Mexico, Arizona, the Caribbean, and California. It belongs to the Agavaceae family, or perennial plants normally with absent or short, grassy growth, though no arboreal or arboreal species are lacking.