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Secret Gardens: New York's High Line Garden
Travels and flowers · 15. maggio 2021
New York's high line gardens arise from a section of about 1.45 miles of abandoned elevated railroad and, above all, from the project by Piet Oudolf, who claims that "" My greatest inspiration is nature. I don't want to copy it, but to recreate the emotion. "
Flowers and plants of the Atacama desert
Travels and flowers · 01. maggio 2021
Il deserto di Atacama è uno dei fenomeni naturali più strani e belli che si verificano nell'estremo nord del Chile. Questa è una gigantesca The Atacama Desert is one of the strangest and most beautiful natural phenomena occurring in the far north of Chile. This is a gigantic desert area that is characterized by its aridity, but in a few years, this barren desert landscape has changed abruptly becoming partly overflowing with bright and fresh colors, thanks to the germination of millions of plant

How to choose the right time to visit (and check from home) the tulip fields in Holland
Travels and flowers · 21. marzo 2021
Choosing the right time to embark on a trip to the colorful Holland during the flowering period of the bulb flower fields, can sometimes be a bet with the pace of the season which, although in tune with the spring and summer blooms , risks making us take a trip that does not always meet our expectations.
Travels and flowers · 05. luglio 2020
Free and wild beach in Marina di Vecchiano and sunbathing on the limited number beach in San Rossore. On foot or by bicycle in the pine forests, floral species and rare animals.

Travels and flowers · 07. giugno 2020
An ancient local proverb states: "God created the whole world, but not Holland." This country was created directly by the Dutch. And this is what a tourist who visits this state notes: a vast "low land" that has been shaped by the temperament of the inhabitants of this state, which is known worldwide for its flowers, especially the tulip, the best known flower among those that are grown in Holland
Travels and flowers · 06. giugno 2020
Sole, sabbia e mare vanno di pari passo con le antiche rovine di Atene il che la rendono la meta ideale per chi vuole viverla a 360 gradi tra monumenti e siti archeologici di particolare interesse storico e culturale. In circa 30 minuti dal centro storico, i visitatori possono esplorare antiche civiltà sull'Acropoli prima di dirigersi verso un'atmosfera balneare molto sofisticata lungo la costa meridionale.

Travels and flowers · 02. maggio 2020
Is there really a cycle path that contains 4 unique elements such as the plain, the flowers, the sea and some monuments? If you are looking for something like this and maybe with family or friends you cannot agree on what type of route to choose, perhaps the bollenstreek, also known as the region of the bulbs, could be right for you.
Travels and flowers · 26. aprile 2020
When we think of Amsterdam and Holland, in addition to all the attractions that this country has to offer, we immediately imagine immense colored tulips and bicycles with which to travel every corner of the country. The spring season can be the best one to admire both the infinite tulip fields in the bulb region but also to enjoy Amsterdam full of colorful flowers, thus having the opportunity to organize a trip with a double meaning: the floral and the cultural one.

Travels and flowers · 08. luglio 2018
Rich in history, culture, good food and lots of beaches, the Greek islands are besieged every year by millions of tourists looking for sun, sea, good food and a holiday worthy of the name. For us, which in addition to the long days of sea and sun, we also love exploring the territory in search of novelty, discovering a true open-air botanical garden was an immense joy.
Travels and flowers · 20. maggio 2017
Imagine being able to visit an immense garden located at the foot of a dream palace. This incredible place really exists and is located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. We are talking about the Jardines Generalife, which were built during the reign of Mohammed III around 1300.

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