Travels and flowers

Travels and flowers · 08. luglio 2018
Rich in history, culture, good food and lots of beaches, the Greek islands are besieged every year by millions of tourists looking for sun, sea, good food and a holiday worthy of the name. For us, which in addition to the long days of sea and sun, we also love exploring the territory in search of novelty, discovering a true open-air botanical garden was an immense joy.
Travels and flowers · 27. luglio 2016
It's a large gray sky to greet us upon our arrival and the strong westerly wind blows away the first signs of spring in recent days. The colored fields of tulips we expected to find are, however, 24 hours of waiting, the time that a warm sun will face off in the clouds and begin to illuminate the Keukenhof garden.

Travels and flowers · 16. luglio 2016
Every year in Cordoba, Spain, occurs a unusual but very interesting flowery contest dedicated to all private gardens of the houses which, for a short period, show what normally remains closed to elect the best. In other words, you can visit all the typical Andalusian’s gardens that usually are accessible only for dwelling’s owners. In this contest you can appreciate all the colours, the perfumes and the surprises.