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The flowers of the Greek islands (update July 13 2019)

2019 © Claudio Montesano Casillas
2019 © Claudio Montesano Casillas

The real cost of "Fast fashion" on show in Milan
33.4 kg of CO2 emitted to produce a pair of jeans, children working up to 12 hours a day and adults earning less than $ 200 a month: the interactive installation “THE FASHION EXPERIENCE - the truth about what you wear
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The tree of the trees at the botanical garden of Padua
A few meters from the first oriental plane tree arrived in Italy in 1680, the Tree of Trees grew in the Arboretum of the Botanical Garden of the University of Padua.
Not enhanced by Nature but created by Michele De Lucchi who, for this installation, has obtained and put together trunks and branches of dozens of trees of different essences - beech, spruce, larch, ash, lime and hazel - from the valleys of Belluno and Trentino. continue...

9 flowers and plants protagonist in history of cinema

When we talk about a successful film, we usually weave the praises of the performers who made the representation unique or the way in which the plot and mastery of the director was developed. Many times, screenplays, costumes or soundtracks are used to contribute to the fame and success of a film.
Although we often do not realize it, there are films that owe much of their success to unusual elements, like flowers...continue