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5 bedroom plants that help sleep better

There are plants that more than others fit into a delicate environment as the bedroom may, because... continue

The Global seed Vault: the global seed bank of the Svalbard Island

The global seed vault is a 27 m long, 6-meter high and 10-inch concrete storage facility, where three salt rooms have been created to preserve and preserve seeds all over the world.
Its purpose is to preserve... continue

Marché aux fleurs: the Paris flowers market


Typically, when we organize a trip to Paris, we begin to dream and compile a long list of attractions that this wonderful city has: the Eifel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe or the Seine, for example, and all that it attracts even less acclaimed and important.



6 ways to use coffee in the garden and in the vegetable garden

The generations before ours have taught us that coffee pots can be excellent natural fertilizers for garden and home plants and that, often what could be considered a waste, is actually an excellent product of reuse.


January 20th 2018: the national tulip day in Holland

In Dutch it is called tulpen tag and, for national growers but also and especially for lovers around the world of this beautiful flower, the day when the official opening of the tulip season is celebrated.