2018/'19 season

December 4th, 2018: Starting with the blooms in December is never good news. Perhaps a surprise, but the mild climate of these days has also surprised nature and see the first crocuses before Christmas surprise a bit '.
Blame the bulbs, the fault of the climate?
We'll see how the spring will go...

April 2019: spring began with a dry and mild climate but, after a few weeks, the rain finally arrived ... The blooms in our garden are a little late even if the first tulips begin to appear showing a little colored ... Protected by wet leaves take their time ...

The punctual muscari with their intense blue never miss their appointment. As soon as the weather mitigates me and the days get longer, suddenly appearing, bringing color and joy to the garden.

Finally the tulips. When we are almost at Easter they finally bloom with all their beauty and the colors that distinguish them. They certainly could not miss in our garden.