Winter 2014

We are in mid-December while outside the temperature dropped but the colors, for some isolated bush, seem not to want to go out ... even the roses continue to sprout, taking advantage of the prolonged hot this strange and unusual autumn, however, seems to have come at the end. 

This seems to be the last of the many blooms for these two small white roses heated by the sun in December now cold .. Enjoy it (one is still blooming) in their splendor waiting for spring 2015 ...

Red Sunflower

I had never seen before trying to plant some seeds in small pots to assess growth and results. The final height is less than that of the traditional yellow sunflowers but, keep in mind you will come anyway to 150/200 cm.

The aesthetic result is very comforting!

Cultivation is the traditional one: the seeds planted in small pots and when the seedlings are a bit 'high resistant and put them in the garden or in pots bigger. Sun exposure and constant watering to prevent drying out. Manure or fertilizer of your choice. I have not ever data or, at most, the natural ones (coffee grounds), but it is obvious that everyone is free to manage and create your own flower as he wants

Yellow sunflowers

The height of these wonders whose seeds came from a trip to China of a friend was unique: almost 3 meters and the sky mixed with the bright yellow flower.

Easy to grow, but it was almost impossible to remove the roots from the garden of those who were now trunks real!


Duca of Tholl Tulipans

Found in a small flower shop in Rotterdam, these tulips have graced the garden still barren and without grass a couple of springs ago. One can see some examples of Queen of the Night, wonderful specimens unearthed in a market in Vienna. This is the most international corner of my garden!!

Tulips lily flower

A few examples from the strength and unique beauty that exploded in the grass with no need for special care ...

Rembrant Tulips

Another joy of my small garden. Could not believe my eyes seeing the shape and colors that slowly took during their extraordinary growth ... instead, here's the result !!

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