Year 2017

March 2017

After the snowdrops, here comes, as if by magic, these colorful Iris dwarf. The Fioridimar's garden is colored spring, waiting for tulips, daffodils and other flowers make their appearance.

We're almost in mid-March and here also tick these mini daffodils in search of spring warmth. Arrived from the Netherlands, these delicious bulbous flowers suitable for planting in potsfind their rightful place in this  "mini" version....

....Even the gerberas make their appearance in our flower garden in this hot spring ... Directly from the nursery, we decided to enter this fascinating colorful flower in the border to give us new forms and colors.

....The daffodils herald the arrival of spring with their elegance, their fragrance and their intense y unmistakable yellow ...

After some day of hot and intense sun, here they bloom, adding color to our garden.

With their intense aroma can not miss even the hyacinths in our colorful garden ... pink, purple and not yet in bloom, even white (photo below), give the spring a fragrant magic touch.

The nature takes its course. Among bulbs, seeds and pots, there are colorful wild flowers such as dandelion, ubiquitous in uncultivated fields but welcome even in the manicured gardens.

.....Finally tulips! With April comes the first elegant flower to enrich our garden .... A Duke of Tholl by mottled colors, suddenly emerges from the meadow, surprising and anticipating new bulbs ...


With their deep purple, they appeared to draw the fioridimark's garden, also grape hyacinths, small, precious, perfect to add the right color to this  beautiful hot spring. The contrast with the yellow dandelion creates a combination of really intense colors that only nature can do.

I'm not a fan of butterflies but, this specimen I was able to shoot while lying on the hedge of my small garden is really unique! That is why I decided to put it in this year's photos, hoping for so many more.

The spring season, initially cold, is a bit late for the arrival of the roses that in this warm May show themselves in all their splendor. Here are the first roses to come up with their unique and unmistakable charm

As above, but from another view. The same rose garden that creates different and incredible shapes.

One glimpse of the little rose garden. White roses anticipate those purple, fragrant ones.

We are in mid-June and, from our vegetable garden, we have a yellow pumpkin flower of beautiful  and bright colors. All around, along with the green and large leaves, also the other pumpkin flowers, we look forward to eating and tasting delicious and succulent dishes. :-)

The hydrangeas are full of their bloom and, with their beauty and charm, bring joy to our summery  garden.

By mid-July also came the first sunflowers that look from all around looking. Slowly reaching the blue sky...

The first days of August give us the intense yellow of zinnia, a flower we tried to cultivate for the first time this year.

Autumn blooms can still be very generous. Perhaps thanks to the mild temperatures that this October has reserved for us, even the roses continue to showcase beautiful colors and unique shapes.

October 20th 2017

These are perhaps the last blooms seen out there, at night, we're already around 3 ° C! But zinnias continue to enact their colors and their beauty, even if you are  so close to November!

With this very winter image concludes our gallery of 2017. The snow folding zinnias and slowly buries them with his weight.
It's November 13th and by now the winter has come, strong and cold.


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