Winter is the time of rest for our garden, but essential for a good spring flowering. A bad "rest" and inappropriate management of the plants in the cold period will not allow a good bloom in the warm months, also, proper storage of your green corners will ensure beautiful flowers from early spring months.
But first things calm. If the ground is not frozen, we can plant the bulbs last while with the lowering of the temperature can gradually clear them the watering and fertilizing also possible. If you have a hose or watering cans, remember to put aside all before you freeze with winter. The plants outside cover with nylon or transparent materials in such a way that they receive light but not freeze.
Who had the desire to plant new flowers or trees (if not already frozen!), In addition to the bulbs, will still have time to enter in your own garden or even Violas fruit trees (the planting is recommended from October to mid-April! )

Have fun!


Can not deny that this is the period less profitable and maybe a little 'frustrating in terms of immediate results for the grower but, remember, the most important if you want to find yourself a flourishing garden and colorful in the spring. A good job in this period allows hedges better withstand the cold winter, the bulbs in the ground there to prepare ahead of the first warm and outdoor plants to be preserved longer giving new colors to the spring. Without forgetting the lawn of course!
The bulbs, to begin with, be prepared between October November before the ground begins to freeze at the surface and your job is made impossible by the hardness of the same. More ground will be soft, less effort will tulips (or flowers that you will decide to plant) to emerge in spring. For this reason, many covering with a layer of soil in the area where they have the bulbs. I beg you, put them in the right direction (see instructions in the pack) or will never grow !!! Personally I have never used nor fertilizing liquids strange as the tulips are flowers that come out strong with a little land 'and hostile at worst you will not get an aesthetic side (too much distance between one and the other, crooked flowers, etc.) but however, following the instructions, everything should grow. It should! ;-)
The hedge is a point very hard of our gardens, boring to cut, especially in this rainy season in which it grows quickly. A good pruned before winter can only do them well. Will make it stronger and more durable, especially in case of snowfall powerful that could break the branches already "disheartened" by the cold. A Spring will be very green even before than you think but prepare it and perfect in every part (top, bottom and sides).

Roses are part of those flowers which still debating whether it is best to prune in spring or autumn. Personally, at least those that I can not cover, I used to prune at the end of the hot season after the last flowering eliminating 2/3 of the length. Do not panic so much that grows back! The important thing, as many plants, is to perform a vertical cut or more diagonal as possible so that the water slides away, do not stop and not the ice on top. Obviously, if you have roses in pots you want or you can leave out, after a good pruning, cover with transparent nylon or similar material from the garden, so that they can take light, breathe and stay "hot" even out ...

The lawn should be mowed and raked in well to avoid stagnation or accumulation of water, mud or other harmful elements to your garden. In October, you can fertilize the ground to enhance the playback of a new vegetation and of course reseed if it is needed.

For all outdoor plants a good cover or entry into the greenhouse is ideal to protect them from winter and keep perfectly in view of a new season.

Good job !!!


The first thing to do is ensure that our garden or on the balcony of our plants are clean, free of dry leaves or branches from winter burn. With the days are getting longer, the garden needs to breathe in order to produce and what we planted in autumn (bulbs, new grass, etc.) now must find light and enough energy to grow. The hedge must be cleaned and arranged as well as the branches of roses and plants whose flowers are not producing new shoots.
At this point we can choose the flowers to be sown in pots or directly in the garden. Obvious that the effect will be different, because the market we find it all in pots, but if we want to start from scratch and sow, the choice is even wider and more satisfactory result (I think). You can also choose whether to replenish the grass and eventually fertilize all (better with the same product used in the fall).

The Begonias first of all, can be sown in the autumn as spring. Potted, like many types of flower, the result will be better but it depends on what you have in mind, you can use spaces and especially the type of begonia which purchased.

The Geranium has its breeding season in the spring, while in summer it should be borne in Green Partial shade to prevent deterioration. Characteristic of this plant is its aromatherapeutic properties: antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and rebalancing of the nervous system are just some of the benefits produced by the geranium.

The Surphinie are nothing more than an intersection created in Japan among the petunias and a species of climbing plants. Their flowering can be very long and various colors and intense.

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